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The Effect of Businesses on Perceptions Regarding Corporate Reputation of Employer Brand Applications: A Research for Potential Employees in Y Generation

The Y generation which possesses different perception and attitudes than previous generations with heightened awareness and crucial differences in expectations in its social life, has influenced the work life deeply. Becoming a preferred business every time in the presence of Y generation and being able to create a perception of a good place to be worked in their emotions and minds triggered the needs of businesses to some strategic approaches. The aforementioned approach is undoubtedly an employer brand. The employer brand interests local and global businesses particularly and it is directly related to the corporate reputation. In this context, the purpose of research is to review employer brand applications from the perspective pf Y generation and to determine the effect of aforesaid applications carried out inside or outside of the business on the perceptions of corporate reputation in the presence of the generation. In this direction, the questions prepared on the basis of six elements within the scope of Reputation Coefficient Scale which was developed by Charles Fombrun for corporate reputation were asked to the participants in three separate focus group discussion. While the participants evaluate the businesses with working environment, which is fair, comfortable and peaceful, as stronger in terms of caring about as individual, taking their ideas into consideration; they also stated that it affected their desire to work there.

Employer Brand, Reputation, Corporate Reputation, Generations, Y Generation


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